W e l c o m e !

Blogging to me was supposed to be as natural as gravity. It is an extension of what fascinates me as a child: writing a diary. I have a big box full of diaries since my childhood until college days. When I put pen to my diary, I never thought it through. It was a direct expression of what’s going on inside me: stories and memories, future thoughts and curiosities. What I wrote was purely scribbly, with occasional repetitive themes such as chronicling the growth of mung beans, burst of splendid emotions, and unspoken confidentialities. In high school, I was introduced into blogging by reading other blogs and instantly started my own.

Lately, more than a decade after my first post, I was tempted to create a niche, “stand-out” blog with particular “useful” themes, moving away from the “flavor” of a personality that once defined what blogging was all about. I failed gloriously. On a regular basis, I consistently enjoy reading blogs to know people, thus have an urge that my writing should let people have a glimpse into me, too. It’s a kind of subtle gift-sharing reciprocity that makes blogging special, containing constellation of obsession, contemplation, revelation. I believe there is an art in personal blogging, the art of exposing pieces and particles of the blogger as a brave, creative, sincere and meaningful act to connect with others.

This blog is my attempt on playing along and joining the wider community of personal bloggers. In addition, since I have been and would be constantly moving into different countries, though I send postcards religiously, I found blogging a practical way of correspondence. Learning throughout my blogging experience, I would mostly write about life, places, books, and friendship. I will also start to write about things related to activism and my study on food, agriculture and environmental change. Currently, I moved to Western Australia to be a friend, a happy-go-lucky, a wanderlust, a foodie, and a curious mind. Looking forward to see you!

Salam, Nadya

PS: I am from the world’s largest tropical archipelago who can’t have enough of coconut water. Wouldn’t mind to know more about you!

Photo credit: me, Mentawai islands, January 2014

3 thoughts on “W e l c o m e !

  1. Nice blog and posts! would be interested to read your ideas and shall be in touch.
    – Azam, YPARD Bangladesh.

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