W e l c o m e !

Blogging to me was supposed to be as natural as gravity. It is an extension of what fascinates me as a child: writing a diary. I have a big box full of diaries since my childhood until college days. When I put pen to my diary, I never thought it through. It was a direct expression of what’s going on inside me: stories and memories, future thoughts and curiosities. What I wrote was purely scribbly, with occasional repetitive themes such as chronicling the growth of mung beans, burst of splendid emotions, and unspoken confidentialities. In high school, I was introduced into blogging by reading other blogs and instantly started my own.

Lately, more than a decade after my first post, I was tempted to create a niche, “stand-out” blog with particular “useful” themes, moving away from the “flavor” of a personality that once defined what blogging was all about. I failed gloriously. On a regular basis, I consistently enjoy reading blogs to know people, thus have an urge that my writing should let people have a glimpse into me, too. It’s a kind of subtle gift-sharing reciprocity that makes blogging special, containing constellation of obsession, contemplation, revelation. I believe there is an art in personal blogging, the art of exposing pieces and particles of the blogger as a brave, creative, sincere and meaningful act to connect with others.

This blog is my attempt on playing along and joining the wider community of personal bloggers. In addition, since I have been and would be constantly moving into different countries, though I send postcards religiously, I found blogging a practical way of correspondence. Learning throughout my blogging experience, I intend to mainly utilize this blog as an outlet to challenge my own fear and articulate it into writing (click life). What matter most is taking risk. It’s terrifying and hard enough to loosen up and just put it out there. I don’t mind if nobody read it, though I could imagine how encouraging it would be to go hand in hand among those who have, or at least tried, to conquer their own self-sabotage in speaking out. At the end of the day, I know this practice would transform me, and to be brought into the unknown is what I’m after.

Currently, I moved to Western Australia to be a happy-go-lucky and a curious mind. Looking forward to see you!

Salam, Nadya

PS: I am from the world’s largest tropical archipelago who can’t have enough of coconut water. Wouldn’t mind to know more about you!

PPS: I will also start to write about things related to activism and my study on food, agriculture and environmental change (need your suggestion: should I make a separate blog for my study? Comments are highly appreciated). In the archive, I used to write about places and books, but from now on it will be merged into life posts.

Photo credit: me, Mentawai islands, January 2014

17 thoughts on “W e l c o m e !

  1. Nice blog and posts! would be interested to read your ideas and shall be in touch.
    – Azam, YPARD Bangladesh.

      1. You are welcome! I shall be glad if you look over into my blog- http://fmsazam.blogspot.com/
        Please share if you find it interesting. Looking forward to hear from you and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any query.
        -Azam, YPARD Bangladesh.

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