Laura Parrott-Parry in In Others’ Words raised a very important subject on her post, Law of the Wild. She talked about the guilt-feeling of rape victims. It seems that a lot of victims are putting blame on themselves, at least partially. Yes, you got it right. The victim is blaming themselves and they mean it. “Down to the very core of who they are.”

This is, to say the very least, problematic. Or downright insane, to be absolutely blunt.

But what’s going on in the victims’ mind are way more complicated than what other people may comprehend. This is not to endorse the victims’ self-blaming. Nor to let rapists get away feeling less guilty.

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What kind of sport are you into and why?

Yet again, I have to move to another country. This time, it will be for a couple of months before I move again next year. It’s easy to lose yourself and your sense of wonder, get bored, or feel stuck when you’re in a constant. But interestingly, it doesn’t matter if your constant means staying put in one place or moving around like there’s no tomorrow.

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