sociology, the science of future

Since the first time I learned sociology, I've been in love with it. It is a study about society and I found it very interesting, because I could learn new things with wider perspective from daily life. I'm highly motivated because as a part of society, having a better understanding about it could make our life more fun and meaningful.

Why do I consider sociology as the science of future? Sounds bombastic, but it is based on a reflection about my country, Indonesia. When I think about my country, the picture in my mind is no more about the beauty of the land nor the hospitality of the people. We've been suffering from economic crisis since 1997. Many things happened and I realized that there's something wrong with my country.

How come, in my country, many people starving, underpayed, jobless, homeless, uneducated, wounded, etc but in other hand, many people are extremely wealthy? Ernest Renan said that a country is people with the same history, feelings and goal and try the effort together to achieve it. But, is it still a country if there's a tremendous gap of life quality? A question poped up in my head, do we still care of each other afterall?

Maybe you ask, why must we care of each other if we can reach success and happiness individually? I will surely answer that individual success and happiness is also determined by the social situation. Nobody can live alone and I think no ones success and happiness is complete without doing something to others. I mean, something to make a better world.

There must be something we can do. Even though reality proved that we can't depend on our government, doesn't mean we are hopeless. I see the solution in society. Society should be proactive to solve the problem. That's where sociology take part: empower society.

That's why sociology is significant to our future, also our present.

Singapore Embassy, 2003

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