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mostly romanesque, baroque, and gothic paintings … Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is located near the Olympic Stadium at Montjuic Hill. Youngsters are everywhere, even in front of this museum. This is Barcelona, what more can I say.

This was taken by my partner in crime with his camera, mine was full so less picture we have from MNAC.

Don’t worry you can still see next post: Fundacio Fran Daurel, full of artworks by Picasso, Dali, Joao Miro and others!


Casa Battlo

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It’s so difficult to choose which photos to display of this unique and playful residence. Gaudi was inspired by life in sea, natural light always plays important role in Gaudi’s buildings.

Next post: Anella Olimpica


Parc Guell

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Welcome to Parc Guell,

I love to spend time here … just to take a walk and have random conversation along the way

Next post: Anella Olimpica or Casa Battlo … you decide


La Sagrada Familia


Imagine praying under a dense canopy of ancient rainforest.

I suddenly feel like kneeling down, only to embrace this blissful unspeakable feeling.

I feel protected … and cared. I feel enamored beyond comprehension.

The sun and leaves flirt to each other, playing light and shadow.

The wind invites me to follow her tearful sorrow.

This building is awesome, I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time!

Nativity facade


Passion facade


Passion facade


Gaudi face in La Sagrada Familia Museum