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All smiles at the public library

While we’re at it, let’s have another photo series of daddy and baby at public library. This time it’s at the mezzanine in State Library of Western Australia. The mezzanine is a level especially dedicated for children.

I was so happy here because both my husband and our baby were so cheerful and enjoying their time. It has plenty of space to crawl, and I was surprised because my husband was “rediscovering” his childhood as he played and read children’s (adventure) books for himself, haha!


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What I’ve learnt from my baby

  1. I learn to be a morning person
  2. I learn that laughing is universal language
  3. I learn to turn the music on before sleep
  4. I learn the restorative power of a quick nap
  5. I learn to be more sociable, even to strangers
  6. I learn that some people (baby) are naturally on schedule
  7. I learn that sweet potato puree with a pinch of real butter is heavenly
  8. I learn the essentials in life: be warm, be clean, eat and sleep
  9. I learn that life is a cycle, not a straight line and time flows in circular, not linear, motion
  10. I learn to amuse myself through playing with my feet, lips and tongue
  11. I learn of what really matters