Research is more fun with friends and there’s more to life than research! Let’s sit down, relax, share a cup with me and tell me your stories! In this section, I will share life beyond research and what I do to relax.

I used to receive postcards:

Enjoy life in an idyllic Dutch countryside:

Travel the world:

and Welcoming all researchers who are embarking their journey! As part of a community, I am longing to hear more heartfelt musings to start the “difficult” conversations in academia and beyond, to make the community better. I read stuffs about people of color in academia, the adjunct crisis (as I am studying about labour myself), the proneness of PhDs to depression, and other public matters. Here I will start with sharing personal musings about my problems and matters that concern me. It is amazing to look back to see the things that used to make me worry were actually not as stressful as I’ve had imagined.

We are in this together!