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Prague Underground

We joined an excavation tour, it was great. We enter into an underground place where people at that era stays (it was not underground that time). It made us imagine how people in 14th century lives. There’s a lot of stories about murder and revenge among families, well that’s the friendliness of Czech people the guide said. Prague underground are well preserved. Anything above it had changed several times (built and destroyed and built and destroyed) but the underground stays the same ….

On our way to Praha underground

almost there …

Window and “ceilings”, the most talked-about technology of the underground preservation

Stories of murder and revenge

Connecting “door”, everything underground was connected actually ….

Cook your meal here.

A well.

Now the underground are mostly turned into restaurants … lovely.

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mostly romanesque, baroque, and gothic paintings … Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is located near the Olympic Stadium at Montjuic Hill. Youngsters are everywhere, even in front of this museum. This is Barcelona, what more can I say.

This was taken by my partner in crime with his camera, mine was full so less picture we have from MNAC.

Don’t worry you can still see next post: Fundacio Fran Daurel, full of artworks by Picasso, Dali, Joao Miro and others!

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Casa Battlo

It’s so difficult to choose which photos to display of this unique and playful residence. Gaudi was inspired by life in sea, natural light always plays important role in Gaudi’s buildings.

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