From mid-November 2017, I am starting my year-long fieldwork in Gunung Leuser National Park (Leuser) and its surrounding area, especially in the Gayo Highlands. My research is a multi-sited ethnography. Due to the massive expanse of Leuser – located in two provinces: Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and North Sumatra – I am travelling to different places such as Medan (the capital of North Sumatra), Banda Aceh (the capital of NAD), and a couple of remote districts in which some families has accepted me as their surrogate daughter. I am a bit nervous to finally do the “actual” fieldwork but my surrogate family’s hospitality has made me feel at home, while everyone else’s kind encounters have made my research enjoyable.

This section used to be my “latest blog” feed, but as I am starting my fieldwork, it will mostly be my letters from the field – written with a cup of chai or teh tarik on the side.

Wish me luck and ’til we meet again!

Photo credit: All photos at the homepage are taken by me, except my profile pic – taken by Atina Rosydiana.