W e l c o m e !

Blogging to me was supposed to be as natural as gravity. It is an extension of what fascinates me as a child: writing a diary. I have a big box full of diaries since my childhood until college days. When I put pen to my diary, I never thought it through. It was a direct expression of what’s going on inside me: stories and memories, future thoughts and curiosities. What I wrote was purely scribbly, with occasional repetitive themes such as chronicling the growth of mung beans, burst of splendid emotions, and unspoken confidentialities. In high school, I was introduced into blogging by reading other blogs and instantly started my own.

Lately, more than a decade after my first post, I was tempted to create a niche, “stand-out” blog with particular “useful” themes, moving away from the “flavor” of a personality that once defined what blogging was all about. I failed gloriously. On a regular basis, I consistently enjoy reading blogs to know people, thus have an urge that my writing should let people have a glimpse into me, too. It’s a kind of subtle gift-sharing reciprocity that makes blogging special, containing constellation of obsession, contemplation, revelation. I believe there is an art in personal blogging, the art of exposing pieces and particles of the blogger as a brave, creative, sincere and meaningful act to connect with others.

This blog is my attempt on playing along and joining the wider community of personal bloggers. I intend to mainly utilize this blog as an outlet to challenge my own fear and articulate it into writing. It is not easy, I know. What matter most is taking risk. It’s terrifying and hard enough to loosen up and just put it out there. I don’t mind if nobody read it, though I could imagine how encouraging it would be to go hand in hand among those who have, or at least tried, to conquer their own self-sabotage in speaking out. At the end of the day, I know this practice would transform me, and to be brought into the unknown is what I’m after.

As you see on the menu down at the sidebar, I write about life, my happy place (a new weekly feature), books. “Writing” is a category of posts that are most memorable to me because to write them I needed to shed my fear and spoke from where the hurts beat. I hope you enjoy.

Currently, I moved to Western Australia to be a happy-go-lucky and a curious mind. Looking forward to see you!

Salam, Nadya

PS: I am from the world’s largest tropical archipelago who can’t have enough of coconut water. Wouldn’t mind to know more about you!

Photo credit: Darmanto, Tanah Lot Bali, December 2013

54 thoughts on “W e l c o m e !

  1. Nice blog and posts! would be interested to read your ideas and shall be in touch.
    – Azam, YPARD Bangladesh.

      1. You are welcome! I shall be glad if you look over into my blog- http://fmsazam.blogspot.com/
        Please share if you find it interesting. Looking forward to hear from you and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any query.
        -Azam, YPARD Bangladesh.

  2. What you wrote here resonates very much for me.
    The risk taking, and what i hear about the companionship of connecting with others who are also reaching out beyond their comfort zone.
    I love reading how you know this practice of reaching, risking, would be transformative for you

  3. Hi Nayda! I clicked on your blog from the “Likes” on the Blogging 101 site. I’m glad I did; your blog looks very interesting!
    Incidentally, I am a big post-carder, too. I got in the habit about five years ago when I started sending postcards to my grandmother. I did that for three years until her passing. The habit meant a lot to both of us. I now do that with a niece who is trying to overcome drug addition.

    1. Hi Cecilia! What a great thing to have in common! I don’t know how it started but suddenly sending postcard is a must. That’s so sweet and generous of you to regularly send postcard to your grandmother (I am sorry to hear that she passed away) and your struggling niece. You’re a truly kindred spirit.

  4. What a fun read, Nadya! You have a wonderful writing style that is so fun!! I can totally relate to the umpteen million diaries. I have been journaling since I was a young girl myself and have more journals than I can count. Most of them only partially filled out…I have an addiction to notebooks/journals and buy new ones regularly. 😉 Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Wow, Christin! Glad to meet fellow diarist! I found myself nodding in agreement. Of course we can write on regular notebooks but somehow a diary has to feel special, buying it was as fun as writing on it! 😉 I really enjoy your blog as well. Your personality shines through, thanks!

  5. Hi, Nadya! I love what you wrote here, and I am quite interested in your thoughts about environmental change as my National Novel Writing Month story has its basis in climate change (I also hope to make it a coming-of-age story, so those thoughts may start showing up on my blog!). Did you create a separate blog for that? I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Hi, Aelinwyn! Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to read your novel! I didn’t make a separate blog as I think one is enough for now. Best of luck to the remaining days of NaNoWriMo and your novel!

  6. Hi Nadya. I guess it’s a good thing you took up writing a diary before (I never did), for I like how the words flow here already. By the way, have you tried [classic] Japanese ficiton? They generally have intense psychological conflicts yet with such subtlety we won’t find in western literature, I think. Good luck with ‘The Wallflower’.

    PS: go for it—earn the values, and chart those territories 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Kutukamus, your comment means a lot! Sounds very exciting, I will try classic Japanese fiction. Hope I’ll get the subtlety.
      PS: It’s sometimes hard to stay consistent in my struggle to earn those values and chart the territories, but I shouldn’t slack off 😀

      1. Nadya;
        First of all thanks a lot for your reply; I thought, I will never receive any reply; but at last; I received this short yet very sweet reply; in fact, I have gone through your blog and few post written by you; so, it is my sincere desire that; we should try to build up some relationship with each other; because, I appreciate creative and talented side of the blogger; whenever, I visit that kind of blog and blogger; the first reaction of my mind I should have a one good friend like this and certainly you qualifies on this category;
        now, it is up to you……….
        Wishing you all the best…………………….

      2. Dear Swajithkas. Thank you and sorry for the late reply. I am busy taking care of my newborn baby. He’s two months old now and he looks like my husband 🙂

  7. “I believe there is an art in personal blogging, the art of exposing pieces and particles of the blogger as a brave, creative, sincere and meaningful act to connect with others.” This is beautiful. Here I am: http://johnjzokovitch.com. Looking forward to following you along the way.

    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind! Let me think about what to write, thanks for the visit and I absolutely adore your stories. You got yourself a new follower 🙂

  8. Nadya;
    In fact, it’s not at all late; because, your late reply gave an opportunity to congratulate you to for having new baby;
    I wish; now onward and throughout your life your life become wonderful journey with the new born baby; because, as far as I know; it is as a woman only you people can enjoy the joy of motherhood; and as a mother you are the true friend of your new born because it is said “Mother remain with their child from womb to tomb”, so, once again, I am wishing you all the best…..By the way few days back I have written one post specifically dedicated to woman only, so, whenever you have spare time just read it, needless to say eagerly awaiting to welcome you at my blog through your comment…..

      1. Yay! Thank you Nadya! I’ve been away for a while so have much catching up reading to do 🙂 I had no idea you had a child, many congratulations to that!

      2. Ya me too! He’s brand new, born in January this year. I’m also curious the last time I read your blog you’re getting married. Congratulations! Will check the archives for the whole wedding story 🙂

      3. Being a new mom, having someone new in the family – must be a lot to bathe in and enjoy and learn! Thank you for the kind wishes – I have some about the preparation process but have yet to write more about married life 🙂

      4. Oh okay! Thanks for letting me know, saves me some time and I can binge-read without worrying that I missed the important wedding story. Congrats again and may you enjoy married life, happily ever after!

      5. Hahahaha ‘binge-read’ – hey I do that too 🙂 I also look at your blog for ways leading to happily ever after – I feel you seem to know a thing or two about that!

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