“… and go rejoicing to the end of it, the tale that’s told for no other reason but companionship,” — Jack Kerouac

I might not like the book where I got this quote from, but it is hard to resist that those words are too tempting not to blog by. After all, the most ecstatic moment that I’ve ever experienced in blogging was when Beverly (The Mystic Horse Chronicle), had the courage to tell her own story because of my “powerful post” and another blog that I was referencing. It took her perhaps more than 60 years (yes, sixty) to finally open up and truth to be told, her written words are breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the kind of beauty that comes from acknowledging, not dismissing, pain.

In short, I couldn’t feel more humbled than to have part in encouraging someone to share deep matters-of-the-heart revelation. I know how meaningful it is.

And that’s why I blog in first place, more than a decade ago. That’s why I share bits and pieces of life stories, both significant yet insignificant at the same time. That’s why I brave myself to continue filling this space in the hope of keeping you in company.

Here, in Words Afloat, you may find different types of post which you might choose based on your liking:

  • Postcard: brief posts that encapsulates a specific moment
  • Diary: longer form that includes chronicling the day, my thought processes, or both
  • Books: posts about books, public library, etc
  • Fieldnotes: free-form notes related to my role as a researcher on food and the likes

Last but not least, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy. Please share your story. Looking forward to hear from you.

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