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Sleep and Read

I used to put my baby to sleep in the dark. Today I realized that he can sleep with lights on, as long as the air is cool and he got a bit of warmth from attaching his body to mine. I got a lot of reading done while he’s sleeping, one of my hand fluttering a thick paper (a.k.a. fan) to him. It’s definitely going to make into our new routine, a sweet addition to our other established bedtime routine:

a massage every single day at 6 pm (occassionally several other times during the day too) until he’s around 4 months (by that time we moved to Australia and it was winter, so I wasn’t sure about leaving him bare for a couple of minutes to massage him, and I don’t want to use oils that has a warming effect because it gave him heat rash),

then we changed the massage routine with bedtime storytelling (his dad would read two books every night at 6 pm before sleep, I would borrow the books from the library),

and then, after he got to the age where he eat solids three (and then four, and five) times a day, he would eat dinner at 6 pm, drink, wash his hands, play in bed and when he feels sleepy he will lay his head on my body and sleep by himself. Starting today I can read at this time. If I want to take a break from reading or go out of the room, I can do it when I’m sure that he’s already in a deep sleep and won’t wake up if I go for a while.

Okay, that’s all for today. Hopefully enough for a restart of blogging after being away for quite some time. I’ve been travelling and legalising documents, etc. Tomorrow we will go to the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. Finally … we will go to the Netherlands soon.


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