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House-hunting in NL

House-hunting over and done with! Finally I found a place to stay, for family, per direct, no waiting list, no broker fee, and most importantly, everything is perfect. The house, location, everything. Long gone was my horror of staying at the attic (which is considerably common in the Netherlands), at a faraway noisy location, in a house with a refrigerator too small or interior too hoarder-y.

There’s a lot of room offer for single, but finding a house for family is a bit challenging. Some options are available, but I am glad I took my time to make a decision. After all, my family is going to stay there for more than a year, so why settle for anything less than perfect?

Of course it takes some luck to meet the perfect thing. My advise is not to panic, no matter what. Perseverance, persistence and patience eventually paid off. After spending almost my entire online time (which is very limited) on house-hunting, I couldn’t be happier. Now I couldn’t wait to showcase the house to my husband and son 😀

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