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Checking in from Civic Square Library

Hi all, it’s Friday! For us, it means going to baby pram jam at Civic Square Library. This library is our favorite. It is the library we visited the most. It’s freshly renovated. The color scheme is a combination of yellow and purple (and black).

Baby pram jam is an event for under 2 years old and their parents or caretakers. We will sing some nursery rhymes and read books together. At the end of it, the librarian who also leads our nursery rhymes will put out a bunch of toys.

In this library I can relax and freely let my baby wander. Only here I can feel like he’s saying to me, “trust me, let me be on my own.” Haha. Sometimes we play peek-a-boo, perhaps annoying other library visitors. Sometimes he wander far off but I never worried, although I still have to keep an eye.

When I look at him I see he’s so adorable, especially because he enjoys to explore the library by himself. After 9 months old, especially, he became assertive and enjoying his sense of independence. He enjoys crawling everywhere by himself (only to yell when he got stuck somewhere 😉 ), he loves to learn to stand up, he also wants to be independent in terms of feeding (more on this perhaps on another post).

Besides being comfy, this library is also very conveniently located. It is next to Garden City Mall and Booragoon bus station. We only need to ride a 940 bus once from our houses to get there. Please enjoy our photos that has been collected over time in this library, it seems like the “Daddy and baby in public library” series is continued 🙂

Pram jam in blur:

Beautiful book:
Giant abacus:
Look! I can stand up, one hand mommy!
When I was younger:

When I was teething, this is all I wanted to do:




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3 thoughts on “Checking in from Civic Square Library

  1. I love libraries and the idea of baby pram jam is great. But who was the best thing about this post? Mr. Terminally Cute! He’s so smiley – don’t you want to squeeze him constantly?

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