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What do you do after submitting your thesis? Binge-watch Dexter.
That’s what my husband has been doing today.

Yesterday he sent his revised thesis to his main supervisor, Carol Warren. Because she’s been busy, she said she could only read his thesis after November 25th, 2015, which is why we cancelled our plan to go back to Indonesia this month. After getting comment from Carol, he would do his final revision and then we could go home.

I am so happy with my husband’s progress and result. He has been working so hard and revising repeatedly over. I can’t wait to share his research findings, I can understand the difficulties he has been through to produce the thesis and that’s why today I didn’t mind him binge-watch such a violent psychopathic serial (haha).

My husband said the sensation he got from watching Dexter was something that has been absent for a long time in his history of TV-watching. He used to be (and still is) a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock serials and The X-File. For him, Dexter is the equivalent of those two. I have no comment because I didn’t watch it. I don’t watch violence whatsoever and today is Friday which means it’s our baby’s schedule to go to the library for pram jam. More on this in the next post.

Anyway, congrats to my husband and myself, at least now we can take a deep breath of relief (temporary). Hopefully the next revision is coming soon 🙂


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