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Unlearning: Looks are not more important than leadership quality


One day at Booragoon station with my baby in the pram, I was waiting for the bus together with a lot of school kids. When the bus arrived, other school kids were rushing to enter, but one girl who were not conventionally pretty calmly and firmly said one word to them, “Guys.” Only then did other students held on and let me in first.

In Australia, when the bus opens its door, depending on the passenger, it will set up a ramp for people with wheelchair or baby in pram. They are prioritized to come in first.

I used to feel that people who are unconventionally pretty are less lucky than people who are conventionally pretty. That afternoon I changed my mind because of one school girl who were not conventionally pretty but had the most consideration and leadership quality. She’s the one whom people respect. With only one word she could make everyone else follow her lead.

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  1. I love this! I think looks should not matter whether one is good or not. The most important thing is that they are beautiful at heart.


  2. I couldn’t agree. The reality is looks attract, but somethings attract even more, like good manners and as you said leadership


  3. Thank you for the follow! I really liked your piece about leadership which talked about being unconventionally pretty vs having leadership skills. It’s true how you conduct yourself and how u get others to respect you is far more important than the way you look


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