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All smiles at the public library

While we’re at it, let’s have another photo series of daddy and baby at public library. This time it’s at the mezzanine in State Library of Western Australia. The mezzanine is a level especially dedicated for children.

I was so happy here because both my husband and our baby were so cheerful and enjoying their time. It has plenty of space to crawl, and I was surprised because my husband was “rediscovering” his childhood as he played and read children’s (adventure) books for himself, haha!



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5 thoughts on “All smiles at the public library

  1. Very nice children friendly library. I get inspired to take pictures at our very popular library in Herning Denmark. By the way I also have a post on fathers and children

  2. Lovely photos of a happy baby and his dad. It looks a great place for parents to let their ‘inner child’ come out to play. Children can join in, of course. 😀

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