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Unfortunately, you can’t eat your brilliant idea!

…said my husband a couple of nights ago to our housemate, a hairdresser from Iran. I was listening from the second floor while they’re laughing at my housemate’s failed dinner. His intention was to make a pizza, but he baked yoghurt as the base and put some veggies on top. It failed miserably and the house started to smell like something was burning. My husband was shocked to find out the experimental pizza. He’d never seen anyone do such thing. And then the conversation went on like this:

“Where did you get the recipe?”, asked my husband.
“Nowhere. I just have this idea …,” said our housemate.
Unfortunately, you can’t eat your brilliant idea!” cut my husband as he couldn’t stop himself from laughter.

That sentence was gold. I mean, how apt is it with life in general? I would like to challenge you, dear friends, to make a list of brilliant ideas (or any ideas) that you have and think about, for a while or on a whim, and then asked yourself have you been able to “eat” your brilliant ideas? Does it stay as a brilliant idea or have you been able to make something out of it? Bonus points it could bring yourself some bread and butter.

It’s amazing what a single sentence could lead us to! Have fun! 🙂


on-going tensions between ready-made values and uncharted territory

5 thoughts on “Unfortunately, you can’t eat your brilliant idea!

  1. That is Gold! I often say “we can all have good ideas but unless we do something with it, then it’s nothing other than a good idea.” However, it is a ‘good idea’ to do a little background research to understand what you’re working with: using yogurt to replace bread is sounding more like a quiche; more experimenting required for that one to work. I’ve been the guinea pig on many occasions when someone has had a brilliant idea with food. Thank goodness I’ve had cereal or crackers in the pantry!

  2. You can’t eat it, you can’t sell it, you can’t do nothing with a brilliant idea – and that’s the trouble with most of the brilliant idea-tors – We (notice the pronoun “we”) don’t know what to do with our brilliant ideas. An excellent post.

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