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Daddy and Baby Rhyme Time

It’s refreshing to have a baby event exclusively for daddies. “Daddy and baby rhyme time” takes place every first Saturday of the month at Willagee public library. Both daddy and baby are enjoying because they can meet friends and learn new songs! These photos were taken two months ago:

Cheerful and full of swagger

They spend a lot of time together everyday. This is another regular beautiful day, but the combo of these two dudes, storytelling and public library equals extraordinary in my book.

Until next time, my friends!


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2 thoughts on “Daddy and Baby Rhyme Time

  1. Haiiiii…. disana seru sekali ya kegiatan wat bayi2 sama orangtuanya. seneng liat si ayah yg (mau) main. I guess we’re both lucky 😄😄

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