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Emergency desk


Oh, how I wish I had my own desk!

It will be a wooden desk with rounded or curvy edges, just the right size, and minimalist. No drawers. Minimalist, not only the shape of the desk but also in terms of not having a lot of stuffs going on on top of it. This will keep it tidy and uncluttered, my mind empty but focused.

The desk will be in a room with plenty of natural light. I love natural light. I could never had enough of it. Bonus point if the room overlooks a beautiful view of crystal-clear lake and green shades to bring natural cool temperature. Perhaps there would be large windows or door that I would keep open during the day. I like to feel the wind breeze while my mind dancing with ideas.

I want her desk and room! my favorite author, Jhumpa Lahiri. picture source:

Definitely, an entirely separate room for books. I will only collect books that are worth reading over and over and over again. Other books have to be discarded. My collection would only be consisting of carefully selected few, my version of classic. Nothing screams “hideous” more than having chunks and piles of unread books as room decor just so you could appear and feel more intelligent.

My heart aches but there will always be a “someday”, as in “Someday, I will have my own creative space.” Until then, I am writing from an emergency desk. I have to make do with what’s available. As I’ve written in my previous post, “Why I Write“,

I am a new mum who write when my baby sleeps. I write on my bed with a portable bean-bag laptop support, under dimly lit, maximum 40 watt bedside lamp. The lights are off. My baby is sleeping beside me under the same blanket and I have around 2,5 to 4,5 hours max before his next feed.

You can see at the picture above, my emergency desk is pretty basic. You can count the items with one hand. Each item has its story but I don’t want to make you bored with elaborate details of it. Here’s a quick list instead:

  • One bedside lamp
  • One black-grey moon-shaped portable bean-bag laptop support
  • One laptop
  • One A5 binder note with pen
  • One cup of tea

It might not be a lot, but surprisingly, it’s enough. It’s not ideal, but it shouldn’t be an excuse not to write. The gap between my dream-desk and the reality is due to me having to move places often. For the last three years I usually stay in one place for only 6 months maximum (who live like that?). Considering the temporariness of my stay and the uncertainty that the future may bring, having my own creative space (or at least a sturdy desk) that I have been obsessing about is not high on the priority list right now.

So instead of having a designated place to write regularly, I am trying to plot (or squeeze) some regular daily time to write. I think dedicating specific time each day to establish a writing routine is as important as having a designated space/place/room/desk for writing.

And … that would be an entirely new post. The strategy to diversify daily writing time (gasp!). A quick hint, I went to the public library to experiment with making a new habit of writing in the morning, on top of the night shift. The place is pretty decent. It looks like this:

What do you think? Tell me, what’s your best-kept secret of having a productive writing habit? Where do you write and at what time?

Until next time, fellas!


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8 thoughts on “Emergency desk

  1. Typically I write whenever I get the urge. My writing mostly consists of my blog and I have access to it through my phone as well as my laptop. Primarily, however, I write sitting in my comfy chair with my feet kicked up on my bed and usually at night after the boys (I have 3 9yr old boys) got to bed.

  2. Hello..kak nadya. Seneng bgt baca blog kaka ini. Kaak..saya tertarik dg blog kaka dg english yg luar biasa. Bisa kah kaka berbagi ilmu dg saya?

    1. Halo Julia, makasih ya. Sebenarnya rencana awal saya mau kasih tugas mingguan untuk dikerjakam di blog masing2, tapi sepertinya tidak ada peserta. Jadi mungkin saya batalkan. Maaf ya. Salam

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