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Lost in Rome

I had a great time in Rome. The workload was enormous, though!

There, visually, I felt like living in a movie … the trains were full of graffities (yes, it is the country of artists!), the landscape was beautiful and old buildings were everywhere! It was kind of like time-travelling, perhaps, being lost in some kind of poetry (oh, no, what have I just said?). I really enjoyed the glorious old-and-dusty vibe of this city. In addition, the weather was so nice and the food was delicious and CHEAP (very important!) 🙂

Colosseo was so beautiful during sunset. The late sunshine gave a golden touch on top of Colosseo. I was never bored looking at that particular moment of beauty. Angiola (one of the interpreters from Italy) said October is the best time to visit Rome because October’s light is the most beautiful. The ticket of Colosseo also included Palatino and Fort Romano, so I visited them too.


Andrea, the leader of Via Campesina Italy, said that the view from FAO (8th floor) is one of the most beautiful view of Rome, because there we can see everything. Yes, we can see the top of Colosseo, Caracalla, Jewish Synagogue, Popolo, Circo Massimo and also St. Pietro, etc. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be there.

I only had one day free, which I requested. So, only on Tuesday I could move around, further than Colosseo. Early morning, I went to Basilica St. Pietro to visit Vatikan, but the queue was too long. I couldn’t waste more time, so I went to Castel St. Angelo, Piazza Navona, and then I went to a park at Flaminio. There were a lot of statue of the literary heroes from Gogol to Ibnu Arabi! I was so excited but didn’t come inside the museum. (too bad I didn’t bring my camera’s charger, so I only took very few pictures of this very photogenic city! On the other hand, it was good because I could be fully present and enjoyed the moment without trying too hard to get nice pictures as I used to do 😛 ).

After eating lunch, I went to another park. If I’m not mistaken, it is called Villa Borghese. I walked and walked, suddenly it was Piazza del Popolo, and then Piazza del Spagna and I went up to the Vila Medici. I didn’t feel any pain on my legs because the walk was so worth it 😛


Vila Medici at dawn, the sky color and the clouds was, again, so beautiful. I could see the top of St. Popolo and St. Pietro and I was calling in my heart, “Pope … pope … can you hear me?” It’s funny because I’m Muslim and going to Vatikan is not a pilgrimage for me. The Pope and Vatikan become one of the tourist attraction that I missed.

Because I didn’t visit all the artworks exhibition, and because my camera was dead most of the time, and especially because Rome was such a nice place, I hope one day I could visit Rome again. People say if you visited Fontana di Trevi and made a wish, you will come back to Rome. Fontana di Trevi at night was very beautiful, especially during moonlight. The beauty was overwhelming, I forgot to make a wish. Anyways,

I [heart] Rome 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Lost in Rome

  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    My wife and l were in Rome couple years ago.Beautiful post.jalal

    1. Yes, hopefully one day you will set foot in Italy! You’ll love it! All my Italian friends love to do arts in any kind, and they’re also such a great cook! What about you?

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