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Koala Style: Memories of My Auntie and Me in Amsterdam

Hey … so here’s the photographs of us in Amsterdam. She’s my auntie but she looks so young like my younger sister!!! We didn’t take many photo of the city itself because we just spent one night there, AND most importantly we need to take our own picture together (my family requested for it) to be sent to our big family’s mailing list/online group (you know being family these days … means connected online).




… we just ramble la dee ramble la daa … talking and walking like an old friend, sharing jokes and bursting in laughter, delighted to see each other healthy and happy while worrying of not enough time to catch up with each others crazy little detailed stories of life. Amsterdam gives perfect atmosphere to go crazy for a little while, not caring of anything at all!!! That’s our pleasure … and here we’ll share our pleasure with you people!

PS: myself is amazed of my standard/staple Koala style (hangin n hugin’ like that, probably because it’s little cold 😉 ) hence I put these Koala pictures hi hi hi … enjoy

Amsterdam city of canals 🙂

How was Amsterdams’ sky?

Lively at night (I’m too ignorant to find out what building was that behind us :mrgreen: )


on-going tensions between ready-made values and uncharted territory

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