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To Dusseldorf We’ll Go

Nothing can make me more excited than traveling, I guess …. Here’s a quick list of places we’re planning to go before we’ll be too absorbed into bloody research.

  1. tomorrow a.k.a 28 March 2011: We’re going to Dusseldorf by bus to submit our UK visa application. “We” refers to students from ESD (Environment and Sustainable Development) and RLGC (Rural Livelihood and Global Change) specialization. The bus will depart from our school at 05.00 a.m., can you imagine!!! But I guarantee everything will be worth it because WE’RE GOING TO UK …!
  2. 15-18 April 2011: Sya and me are going to Copenhagen … y’know to treat ourself after submitting the research proposal (due on 11 April) *take a deep breath*. I think I’ll like Denmark because I’m more into natural wonders. One thing for sure, my friend Kul kul asked me to take pictures of Kierkegaard statue, I hope I won’t get lost.
  3. 7 May 2011: We’ll go together to Keukenhof or the Tulip garden. Can’t wait!
  4. 8-13 May 2011: Study trip to UK, we’re going to Somerset (beautiful natural park and stuffs) and we will visit very AWESOME places, like Stonehenge and Bath. Cool! You can see a glimpse of what I’m talking about: click here.
  5. 14-22 May 2011: While my colleagues will extend their stay in UK to go to the fascinating London, I’ll have to go back on time because I have to attend the International Student Week in Ilmenau, Germany. This will be my third time in Germany, first: when we transit in Frankfurt from Praha (not counted), second: of course … Dusseldorf, third: Ilmenau. Yet I still don’t know what to expect from this place. Anything interesting here?
  6. afterwards maybe I’ll skip any chances to travel abroad because of reason I’ll tell later. But the subsidized journey to Kerala (on late August) seems too tempting 😦 what to do, what to do ….

In the meantime, while I’m busy trying to keep my sanity, I’ll continue posting the long awaited (oh, really?!!) delayed photos from previous journeys. Talk to you later!


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