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Unbelievable Athens

I’m not going to tell anything about Athens now. Why? Because some of my friends are going to Athens in May, for study trip. I don’t want to give any spoiler. I want them to be just … surprised enough 😉 . So, in the meantime I want to keep my slight observation and light opinion on Athens for myself.

Anyway, some sneak peak wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Erechtheum at Acropolis

Parthenon, a temple dedicated for Athena the Goddess of Art and Justice (cmiiw)

View from Acropolis

Acropolis from afar

Dyonisos Theater

Olimpian Zeus

Panathenaik Stadium, for the “original” Olympic Games

tryin to imagine how they made it, BC era

Enough for today, continue later. Bye!


on-going tensions between ready-made values and uncharted territory

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