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La Sagrada Familia


Imagine praying under a dense canopy of ancient rainforest.

I suddenly feel like kneeling down, only to embrace this blissful unspeakable feeling.

I feel protected … and cared. I feel enamored beyond comprehension.

The sun and leaves flirt to each other, playing light and shadow.

The wind invites me to follow her tearful sorrow.

This building is awesome, I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time!

Nativity facade


Passion facade


Passion facade


Gaudi face in La Sagrada Familia Museum

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on-going tensions between ready-made values and uncharted territory

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  2. akhirnya keliatan juga ^^ dari hape ora ceto :p

    spain is wonderful ya nadi ^^

    and, beautiful header, beauty 😉


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