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on melancholy? it’s about destroying boundaries

after all we’re just human. hearts full of desire, envy and hate are never out of date. my dear friend is talking about mourn, agony, and despair. of course sadness is painful, but you know what, sometimes it makes you concentrate better. and writings or creations comes out of you just as naturally as a fruit from its tree, or a blooming flower from its petals. i remember mbak desi told me about “energi kreatif”, hehehee …. if you wanted to use it for that purpose, just enjoy your precious sadness whenever it may come, treasure it, worship it. but if you just want to feel better, share.

we, your friends, are always happy to be all ears. please don’t mention that sentence of yours “i don’t want to disturb you” or “bother” or else, come on …. who do you think we are to you? i’m not apologizing for not giving any solutions either, right? come here, come close, share.

sometimes if our friends are down, i think our presence is more than enough, physically or not. it shows that she’s not alone.

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on-going tensions between ready-made values and uncharted territory

3 thoughts on “on melancholy? it’s about destroying boundaries

  1. Thank's Nad. Thank's for providing a dust bin to contain my keluh-kesah-bejibun-bun itu. Wakakak. Apaan coba. You're one of the very few I trust to share all those.

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